If anything defines today’s artists, separate from the digital world where they thrive, it is that they refuse to be categorized or adhere to codified traditions. Peachcurls is an artist for today. In Peachcurls’ music, the Black-American, Cleveland, Ohio raised artist/producer is not bound by stylistic barriers. His music authentically weaves from heavily funk-influenced psychedelic music that provoke movement, to warm saturated lo-fi hip-hop. Mixing vintage sounds with modern production, Peachcurls has created his own world of music, and you’re invited.

His latest self-produced single, “Thursday Off”, is a testament to his well-roundedness. As the former lead guitarist and vocalist of a rock band (Thaddeus Anna Greene), Peachcurls delivers an uplifting, soulful, and infectious vocal performance; complemented by a lush, reverb laden, surf rock inspired lead guitar line. With the addition of formidable, reflective rap lyrics, and a booming 808 that is felt as much as it is heard, “Thursday Off” is refreshing; it moves the audience and it feels good. 




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